OHPAs Ethics Statement

The OHPA Code of Ethics is part of a practice model that sets a member of the Association apart from non-members. It is the benchmark against which the actions of our members can be measured. It expresses the willingness of our members to be judged by their peers and by society through the quality of service they provide. The Statement publicly sets out the values of the Association and what the general public can expect from it.

The Statement is a living document and one which should accommodate changes in laws, community attitudes, scope of practice and personal professional competence without losing its relevance.

Our Ethics:

  • A member's responsibility for the welfare and rights of the community shall come before the member's responsibility to the profession of dental technology, to sectional, private or other members' interests or to other individual Dental Technicians and Dental Prosthetists;
  • A member shall uphold the standards, the honour and the dignity of the profession and shall conform to the Association's decisions on questions of ethics and conduct;
  • A member shall accept full responsibility for professional advice and work performed and shall discharge duties with integrity to clients;
  • A member shall not undertake professional responsibilities beyond the member's competence/scope of practice or authority nor allow employees to do so;
  • A member shall endeavour to advance the science and practice of dental technology and the objects of the Association shall ensure that all principals and employees continue their professional development throughout their career and encourage the development of subordinates;
  • A member shall not reveal facts, data or information obtained in a professional capacity, which are personally identifiable, without the prior consent of the client except as required by law;
  • A member or a member's representative when acting as a consultant or holding public office shall perform the duties impartially without fear or favour;
  • A member shall inform clients of any interest which may adversely affect judgement or the quality of services and shall not accept any form of compensation for a particular service from more than one source without disclosing the circumstances and receiving approval from all interested parties;
  • A member shall build a reputation on merit and shall refrain from any form of unfair competition including:
  • Using a professional designation or allowing an employee to use a professional designation for which there is no entitlement;
  • Offering inducements to secure work or advancement;
  • Seeking to supplant another member or individual Dental Technician or Dental Prosthetists who has been commissioned;
  • Neglecting to comply with provisions of rules or regulations governing the practice of dental technology;
  • Accepting a fee which would preclude the member from providing adequate and appropriate professional service;
  • Advertising in a fraudulent or misleading manner or in any other way not in the public interest.


This Statement was endorsed by the membership at the 2012 Annual General Meeting.