Buy Australian

Are you one of the many Australians who prefer buy Australian Made products?

If Yes, ask that your prosthesis is made in an Australian Dental Laboratory, not overseas. 

At OHPA we support the Australian Dental Laboratory industry that serves the health and safety of dental patients through the application and adherance to all government regulations as applicable.

Regulations range from:

  • The Therapeutic Goods Act that regulates the materials recommended for use in the health industry,
  • The Workplace Health and Safety regulations that provide frameworks for safe working conditions;
  • Infection Control requirements to protect you from transfer infections,
  • Environmental regulations for safe management of dust and fumes in the making of prosthesis,
  • Fair Work Commission Award wages, ensuring fair wages for all those working in a laboratory.

 By asking for your prosthesis to be made in an Australian Dental Laboratory you are:

  • Safeguarding yourself in the knowledge that the prosthesis must be made in compliance with Australian regulations,
  • Supporting the Australian economy and a local industry through your actions,
  • Helping to secure skills and practices for the service of future generations.

In 2011, the OHPA featured in a Channel 7 news article highlighting the issue and impact of imported Dental Prosthesis. View the news article today, as the issues are still relevant to all dental patients. 


Australia is not alone in this issue of imported product concerns, in the US their industry is also being affected from overseas, see this news item: