How to Join

Our Association is the custodian for Dental Technology in Australia and provides public education and promotion, advocacy initiatives supporting the professions future and offers a unified voice whenever called upon. By joining OHPA you will add another voice to the existing membership of Oral Health Professionals in Australia.

Joining is easy, simply choose a membership category that suits and apply using the tab below.

Join today to help secure the future of Dental Technology and Prosthetists, promote the profession and further advance your professional career. Plus, your membership fee is tax deductible.

Membership Categories are:

  • Qualified Dental Technicians - for an individual who is qualified and practicing within the profession of Dental Technology; annual membership fee is $220.00inc GST.

  • Registered Dental Prosthetists - for an individual who is registered and practicing within the profession of Dental Prosthetics; annual membership fee is $440.00inc GST.
  • Students of Dental Technology and Prosthetics - for an individual who is studying Dental Technology or Dental Prosthetics. It is not available to practicing Dental Technicians studying Dental Prosthetics; FREE MEMBERSHIP.
  • Dental Laboratory Owners - for those individuals who own a Dental Laboratory, but are neither a qualified Dental Technician, nor a registered Dental Prosthetist; annual membership is $220.00inc GST
  • Trade Suppliers - for an organisation supplying the Dental Laboratory or Dental Clinic industry; annual membership is $440.00inc GST
  • Affiliate - for an individual who is no longer a pracitioner of either Dental Technology or Prosthetics; annual membership $110.00inc GST


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